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Activity Vector Analysis:
The Dynamic Standard for Behavioral Assessment

What's the most effective way to select, motivate, and retain your people while aligning them with your business objectives? How can you determine which individuals will thrive in your organization and which will disappoint?

For more than half a century, Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) has given organizations clear and practical answers to those questions. Developed from the theories and research of prominent psychologists such as Walter V. Clarke (the original developer of AVA), Prescott Lecky, and S.I. Hayakawa, AVA predicts work-related behaviors, decision-making approaches, flexibility under various environmental conditions, and other important aspects of behavior.

One of the many qualities that separate AVA from run-of-the-mill assessment tools is that AVA is job-related. What this means is AVA doesn't just offer a comprehensive, dynamic, highly accurate, routinely validated, and easy to administer profile of individuals, but also of the job functions. In other words, we can tell you what behaviors will work best for specific functions and what types of people will have natural capacities to thrive in those jobs.

AVA can be used throughout an organization's hierarchy of jobs and throughout an individual employee's career for:

  • Selection
  • Development
  • Motivation
  • Organizational alignment
  • Retention
  • Productivity

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